Linked below is the 4th Grade Padlet that we have been sharing various websites, online learning activities, and announcements. Check here for updates and resources for online learning.
4th Grade Padlet

Here is Mrs. Ruffino's Padlet link for social studies and science activities. These will be updated weekly. Social Studies lessons updated Monday and science lessons on Thursday.
Social Studies/Science Padlet

Click the link For Virginia Studies and Science content. Please review using the SOLPass website.
Username: McAuliffe Elementary
Password: cmes

Also login to Clever and click the myOn App, there are AWESOME books about many topics we have discussed in Virginia Studies this school year.
-Native Americans (Powhatan)
-American Revolution
-New Nation (Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, important documents)
-Civil War

Other topics we have not discussed yet this school year would be the following:
-Civil Rights
-World War I and World War II

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