Virginia Studies:

This year in Virginia Studies we will be focusing on the state of Virginia. We will be going through the historical timeline from Native Americans, to Civil War, and even the 21st century. We plan on taking several field trips this year that relate to Virginia Studies. Your child will also be getting a newspaper that goes along with our Virginia Studies content. This year in 4th Grade there is a SOL test for Virginia Studies. There are several websites that can be used to study and review throughout the year, such as

In Virginia studies, we are currently learning about colonial Virginia. We are learning about the importance of tobacco cash crops for the colony. We will also learn about slavery and its importance on the plantations. We have simulated a plantation tobacco activity in the classroom, ask your child how they felt and used teamwork. We will also be learning about how colonial Virginians lived in the colony, such as money systems, housing, work, etc.


This year in Science we will be focusing on the scientific inquiry process. We will be completing labs and doing experiments on various topics. Some of our topics that we focus on in fourth grade are weather, planets, plants, and electricity...just to name a few.

We are into our weather unit. We have been meteorologists in class tracking weather using weather tools. This week we are learning about weather symbols, air pressure, and reading weather maps, and storms. We will be taking a QUEST on Friday.

 All three classes attended the Tech Lab at Cedar Point Elementary. Below are some videos to show off our achievements!

Tech Lab Ruffino Video
Tech Lab Barrow Video
Tech Lab Maiorano Video