During our time away from school, try writing poetry. One kind of poem is the acrostic. In an acrostic poem, a word is written vertically. The writer creates a word or a sentence beginning with each letter that has something to do with the acrostic word. For example:

F eels cool
A pples for sale
L eaves change color
L aughing children

Here are some links for acrostic organizers that you can download, print and create your acrostic.

Bullying: http://www.ichild.co.uk/activities/download/1434
Autumn: http://www.ichild.co.uk/activities/download/1375
Dragon: http://www.ichild.co.uk/activities/download/2801
Fireworks: http://www.ichild.co.uk/activities/download/1415
Summer: http://www.ichild.co.uk/activities/download/1260
Time travel: http://www.ichild.co.uk/activities/download/2871

I would love to see them if you'd like to share. You could either upload a picture of your work or retype it. Click this link if you would like to share your poem with me.