Henry Cole made a second visit to McAuliffe Elementary School! in Spring 2019.  The students listened to Mrs. Jampole read several Henry Cole books and then voted on their favorite (NCAA Bracket style) and Ferocious Fluffity won!  Our students loved listening to Henry Cole talk about how he became an author and how he came up with the ideas for his amazing (and cute!) characters.
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Henry Cole Visits S. Christa McAuliffe Elementary School in Prince William County

 April 12, 2016    

It was a Literary Celebration at McAuliffe ES as the Bookworm Central Book Fair Met Up With Henry Cole!

It was an absolute treat to visit McAulifee ES last week and watch mesmerized students absorb the musings and insights of powerhouse talent, Henry Cole….illustrator, writer, actor, and funny guy all wrapped up in one! Cole’s engaging presentation shared important and inspiring messages woven together with hilarious stories and anecdotes. At the end, watching him bring two amazing creatures to life with a broken crayon, some plain paper, with music in the background, was just magical. 

An author who in one short hour presentation can encourage children to pursue their dreams, be ready to fall and pick themselves up, persevere, love all living creatures around them, and best of all, not be afraid to think and live “out of the box,” most definitely needs to be applauded. 

Thank you, Henry Cole and Janelle Jampole, Librarian at McAuliffe ES, for a wonderful afternoon. I am sure a lot of kids will be checking out Henry Cole books from the library…. Hooray! 

– Radhika Bajaj, Founder and CEO of Bookworm Central

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Some of our Henry Cole Favorites:

From beautiful chapter books, such as A Nest for Celeste, to wordless picture books like Unspoken, the words and illustrations of Henry Cole will entertain and inspire. Here are just a few that we are proud to carry at Bookworm Central.

WeePiggy        BigBug

Unspoken     a_nest_for_celeste


Meadowview     spot-the-cat-9781481442251_hr

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         Ann Marie Stephens picture                CY Makes a Friend picture cover
Author Ann Marie Stephens visited students at McAuliffe Elementary in October 2016.  Students have loved meeting CY and Scuba Dog.  Second grade students also participated in a hands-on STEM project using the new MakerSpace in the library to design and build a carriage....just like CY!  2nd Grade teachers planned with the librarian to use CY Makes a Friend as the jumping off point for their project...and the students loved it!  And, as a reward for all that creativity and hard-work....students were invited to meet and talk with CY's author, Ann Marie Stephens!