Physical Education: every child is a winner when they try their very best

Happy Summer Challengers! 

Looking for something fun to do?  Want to get some exercise this summer? Below are 2 different challenges that you can try. 

1. The Summer Activities Challenge has a variety of activities like learning new sports skills, dance, body strength and listening to books. There is a wide range of activities. 
2.The Summer Fitness Challenge will help you improve your fitness level in the five componets of fitness. 

Each challenge includes a calendar to keep track of what you do.  It will help you stay on track and focused throughout June and July.  The calendars can be turned into me when we return to school.  These are optional challenges.  Remember to stay active, drink water and use sunscreen when outdoors.  Have a very happy and fun summer!
Mrs. S

Summer Activities Challenge
This challenge has a wide range of activities. Choose your favorite. Activities can be done more than once. Complete 3-5 activities a week.  After you complete an activity, record what you did on the calendar.
Summer Activities Challenge 
Summer Activity June calendar
Summer Activity July Calendar

Summer Fitness Challenge
This challenge will help you improve your fitness level.  It will focus on the 5 componets of fitenss.  Complete 5-7 activites a week. After you complete an activity, record what you did on the calendar. 

Summer Fitness Challenge
Summer Fitness Challenge June Calendar
Summer Fitness Challenge July Calendar